Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Called Leading

One of the tough things to comprehend in any new ministry is the fact that we are the "leaders" of that ministry. It's much easier to wait for someone else to make a decision, point the way, move the pile.

In any ministry it's important to embrace leadership.

Leaders lead, they do not follow from the front. Often we are tempted to say, "Well, when God starts doing something here thats when I'll start moving". The reality is that he has; he chose you to lead!

What we must understand is that even God's choosing of us (we call it a "calling") represents lots of movement on God's part. He has chosen you, gifted you with unique talents and abilities, gifted you with resources, molded your desires and passions, tested you, and found you ready. Lead!

What this means practically is that we are often the drive behind our "movement", that particular mission God has called us to partner with Him in. We should not be discouraged when no one else seems to be on our page...because we are there to write it!

The following are four tips to being a "leader"

1. Target the mission. What is God asking of you? What movement of His is He asking you to partner with Him in?

2. Define the vision. How will you accomplish this mission? What has God uniquely qualified you to do? (Your passion and skill set are critical here. They may be a huge part of why YOU are called to this!)

[to understand the difference between mission and vision, mission is the goal, vision is how you, with your skills, in this time, amidst this culture, will accomplish that goal. Mission is the skeleton, it doesn't change, while vision may be likened to the skin, what the skeleton (mission) looks like]

3. Begin the March. There's an old saying that says you can't steer a car that isn't moving. Start moving. Lead. As you do God will bring "followers", correct your course, add to your resources and clarify your vision. But we mustn't wait around for it to happen. We are the God chosen catalysts of this particular movement and God is counting on us.

4. Nurture the seed. What God calls us to and plants as a vision in us is just the seed. We are responsible for nurturing that seed to a healthy fruit bearing tree. This means selling the vision, instilling the philosophy of ministry, and reproducing this "vision" in others. This is "leader"-ship.

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  1. I frequently get in the mindset of "what? who the heck put ME out front?" rather than "well, guess I'm the guy."

    Just had conversations with a few people about taking the first step toward a vision. It's a weird balance of keeping the goal in sight, but focusing on the next step. Leadership, it seems, is mainly the willingness to take that step first.